Friday, June 18, 2004

Conversational English

Conversational English:

Y’all is used in the southern United States as the plural for you;
it’s a contraction of you all, and serves its purpose quite well.
eg. y'all have a wonderful meal!

African version of dude. Usually slanged by african americans.
eg: waddup dawg?

Play it by Ear :
To play it by ear means to approach a situation without a plan, and let events unfold naturally. Playing it by ear doesn’t happen often in the US, especially in business, because a lot of Americans plan everything they do from careers to meetings to social events.
eg. I planned for football, golf yesterday. One of my friends took me to Tennis court, what I did not do till today. But after getting the balls moving with my punch shots.. I came to know that I just played it by ear!

Beer under the bridge:
Fighting on a bad day and saying sorry that one was drunk.
eg: Hey, Yesterday I was bit harsh at ya. you know wat I was blitzed.. it was like beer under the bridge.

kind of a big deal :
Praising some one how important they are in a comic/surcastic way.
Thinking that whole world is nothing and no one can stop on the way.
eg: I just got a contract from Microsoft, Now I am kind of a big deal.

Put the boot in:
Taking advantage of a person when he is in a weak position. Crushing some one at the down way.
eg: knowing that Sam can not sell the cars, all the managers yelled at him and put the boot in.

Same page:
Means sync with each other. In an understanding.
eg, teacher, Please brief me the updates of the previous week classes, so that I will be in same page with other students.

This is a german word stands for "How is it works?"

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