Sunday, October 3, 2004

Back To Top Anchor tag

Use these logics if you have so many paragraphs on a web page that make the user to scroll all the way down and top.
back to top logic:

If you need to make the user go back to the top of the page from any location
  1. Type "back to top" anywhere in a HTML.
  2. link the "back to top" text to the self page URL with "#top" added at the end of the URL.
    eg: if your html page that contais the line "back to top" is http://dnsname/sitename/pagename.html,
    then your URL for the "back to top" link should be

Named list anchor tags logic:
Use this when you have heading points(contents) listed on the top and all the explanation to the headings explained in the bottom. So in this scenario, upon clicking the URL on the top, page needs to crawl down to the corresponding location located in the bottom of the page.

  1. Create the links on top of the page for the contents
    eg: source1
  2. Create the paragraphs for the explanations with at least a bullet point in the front.
    Include an anchor node before the list item.
    <LI><A name ="DestPara1"> Destination paragraph 1 explianed</LI>

    <LI><A name ="DestPara2"> Destination paragraph 2 explianed</LI>
  3. Now go back to the links on top of the page and link them with the Self Page URLs followed by "#anchor name".
    eg: link the source1 word with the foll URL:
    link the source2 word with the foll URL: