Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cannot Retrieve Properties at this Time and Cannot save your changes in sharepoint

Problem Definition:

While editing the content editor webpart, you get the javascript error 'Cannot Retrieve Properties at this Time'. Some times it allows you to go to the rich text editor or source editor, upon saving the content, it throws, 'Cannot save your changes in sharepoint'


Some times, you try to copy the text from Word pad to Sharepoint content editor webpart. In this process, you try to copy some format that is not understandable to sharepoint's CEWP. Though it saves the text some times, some times throw the error. At this time application pool is currupted with the invalid formats. So, if you come to the same CEWP, server throws the error 'Retrieve Properties at this Time'.


look at the log and decide which one suits

  1. Recycle the application pool.
    go to IIS -> web sites -> right click on the application pool -> recycle.
  2. I heard it some where, not sure.. u can try..
    web.config -> go to http modules tag and delete the 'Clear' tag.

  3. look at the ISA settings.

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