Wednesday, February 7, 2007

unable to update the information in the microsoft office document shared documents


While selecting 'Edit Properties' from a document's context menu or adding a document to the lib, this error occurs.


There are so many reasons, main reason is sharepoint is not capable of changning the metadata of a file due to the metadata is being locked down!

Microsoft documents' metadata gets locked due to any one of the following reasons:

  1. Document is placed to a sharepoint library from another LOB application automatically.
  2. Document is checked out to some other user.
  3. Document is checked in using a different version (eg.DOCX), thus causing an invalid property promotion/demotion.


  1. First of all avoid uploading more than 5 MB size doc in the lib.
  2. Down load the document from the doc library to the local desktop location.
  3. Rename/Change the desired metadata that you wanted to edit.
    File -> Properties -> Custom Properties -> choose any property like client and
    type any value -> Add -> Close the dialog -> Save the document.
  4. Upload the changed document back to the doc library.
  5. If you still face the problem, then check whether MSXML 6.0 is un-installed.
    If its un installed, re-install !

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