Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Can not save your changes error while editing the content editor webpart

After Editing the CEWP, clicking on the 'OK' , throws 'Can not save your changes' errror.

After looking at the error log, do the following options.

  • IIS Reset.
    If you think IISReset can cause the whole application to halut for some time, Do the Application Pool recycle.
    Start->Admin->IIS -> Local computer -> Application pool of the web application -> rightclick ->Recycle application pool.
  • Check for the SSL issues. To know whether the error is due to the SSL or not, access the site with the URL: http://LoadIPAddress/sites/sitecollection/site and try to edit the CEWP. If success, check for the IP address map in the IIS(richt click on the webappp -> Properties) and make it to 'Un Assigned'. Still not succeeded, check with the SSL settings.
  • Check the memory status of the DataBase SQL server. If it is less, increase the size.

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