Tuesday, April 10, 2007

'The server could not complete your request' error in sharepoint designer

Problem Definition:

While editing the content editor webpart, you get the javascript error 'Cannot 'The server could not complete your request' . Some times it allows you to get in to the SPD, upon saving the content, it throws 'Cannot save your changes in sharepoint'


Some times, you try to edit pages in SPD, you try to edit the HTML/script in some format that is not understandable to sharepoint'. Though it saves the script , some times throw the error. At this time application pool is currupted with the invalid formats. So, if you open the SPD again, server throws the error 'The server could not complete your request' .


Recycle the application pool.go to IIS -> web sites -> right click on the application pool -> recycle.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

"Error code is: -2147418113 while uploading large content to the doc lib in sharepoint

It may possible the SSO or any other service to break after the time out reached in the upload.
After the the break, application pools take time to recover or dead in the state, causing un expected error. Sharepoint log (12 hive\logs) shows the "Error code is: -2147418113' code.

Work Around: Go to the Application pool in the IIS, right click and recycle the pool.
Still not solved, IISRESET. Further error, edit the SSO to be manual.