Sunday, May 20, 2007

"Updating the Content Type Fialed" Error in Sharepoint


While trying to re publish an Infopath form library encounter the error "Updating the Content Type Fialed".


When you re publish an Infopath form template to the InfoPath form library, the template will call 'lists.asmx' webservice to convert the web enabled Infopath fields to a shrepoint form library. This web service was hard coded to expire in 30 seconds. Thus the time between the publish button click and error message "Updating the Content Type Fialed" will be 31 seconds.
This 30 seconds delay may be caused by many factors.

  1. So many columns being published to the form library.
  2. Poor network pace.
  3. Poor SQL server pace.

If you have Network/SQL server issues, catch the admin.
For library column contraint, follow this fix:

  1. Open the Infopath form template in a design mode.
  2. File -> Publish -> “To a SharePoint server” -> Destination library URL ->
  3. Next -> “Document Library” -> “Update the form template in an existing library” and choose the library from the list.
  4. This step is the trick.
    next screen, you’ll have the option to add your columns. When you click the “Add” button, instead of opting to have InfoPath create the column for you (i.e. the “None: Creat the new column” option), select the “This document library” option from the first drop-down, then select the appropriate column name from the second drop-down box .
    Initially you will not have the column name available in the drop down. You need to crate the desired column in the form library before you could start the step 1.

If you still have the error, remove some un wanted columns being published to the form library. That will reduce the publishing time.

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