Saturday, June 2, 2007

"Result: 404 File Not Found" while clicking the mysite or my profile in the sharepoint or people search.Person.aspx?guid=

Problem Grounds for the my site not creation error:

mysite typical URL will be http://webappname/__layouts/mysite.aspx

this URL will be used to form the my site URL for the first time. mysite.aspx page will try to create a my site at the URL: http://webappname/personal/userid/default.aspx. Remember, 'Personal' word in the above URL is reserved. If you try to play with the name, you will get error. eg, Admin will go to SCA-> application management -> managed paths and delete the 'personal' managed path.


Always remember, never delete the 'personal' wild card inclusion. This 'personal' is always of type 'wild card' inclusion. Coz, all the profiles are going to be included under this managed path. As you already know that if any managed path is going to include so many site collections, you need go for a 'wild card' managed path.

As long as the 'personal' wild card managed path is available, the url http://webappname/__layouts/mysite.aspx will always work and produce a my site.

Now we got the my site and fine with that. But, when you try to click on the 'my profile' link, you will get 404 error.

Problem Grounds for the my profile click redirecting to 404 page:

success scenario:
Lets start by analysing the successful deployed my site's 'my profile' tab button link URL :

In the above case, My Site Host was deployed to the root site(http://webappname/).
This is the reason why an aspx page (Person.aspx) is able to include and be browsable directly within the root.
My site settings(SCA -> SSP -> my site settings) shows the following config:

If there is a site existing at the root site not with the 'my site host' template, problem will arise.
Administrator has to plan for the 'my site host' site at the root site always.
    So, following are the possible reasons.

  • There is a site created with a non 'my site' template(i.e team/publishing) at the root site.

  • There is no personel site provider specified in the SSP - > mysite settings.

  • SCA Admin created a my site host at http://servername:1234, but changed the personal site provider URL in the SSP -> mysite settings.
    i.e, yo Admin changed the path of Personal Site Services from http://ServerName:1234/ to http://ServerName:80.
    The site collection to which he moved the personal site provider, already has a site template(team/publish) applied to it.

  • Any of the above scenarios, if a user connects to a My Site personal site that the user created in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and even though my site is created success fully , user will get displayed with the 404 error when clicking on the my profile link. Even the people serach scope will fail so. Coz, when you select 'people' from the scope and type the people name, possible matching users are displayed in the search results. Now, if you see the navigation link by clicking on the user name, it will be pointed to http://webappname/Person.aspx?guid=some number123445tyuuii776565
Work around:

Check whether any team site/publishing site exists at the 'http://sitename/' location.
If there is no site, then create a my site host. If there is a team/publishing site existing, then follow the below procedure.

All we need to get is the URL structures,
  1. http://webappname/personal/userid/default.aspx.
  2. http://webappname/ExclusiveManagedPath/Person.aspx?guid=some number123445tyuuii776565
As long as you have a wild card managed path named 'personal' , and if you have mentioned 'personal' in the 'Location' text box in the my site settings(SSA -> serach setings) you are fine with the first URL.

To achieve the second URL, follow the below procedure:
  1. create an exclusive managed path
    SCA -> application management -> define managed paths -> type a name (e.g. mypath) -> select "exclusive" in the inclusion. Click OK.

  2. SCA -> application management -> create site collection -> select the web application you want -> select the managed path that you created in the step1(eg. mypath) -> select the 'enterprise' tab and select the

  1. Under Shared Services Administration, click Shared Service Provider (SSP).

  2. On the home page, click My Site settings under User Profiles and My Sites.

  3. On the My Site settings page, type the URL of the included path in the Personal site provider box in the Personal Site Services area.
    Configure the options that you want for the other settings, and then click OK.

Note: If you have amy mysites already built, then you need to move the locations by stsadm command.
STSADM.exe -o backup & STSADM.exe -o restore

Possible Errors:

Error: "There has been an error creating the personal site" message:

Reason: The account that the My Site applicaiton pool is running under doesn't need any special Windows permissions. But it will need the dbcreator role in SQL Server.

Fix: So, change the identity of the my site application pool to an account that has the dbcreator role.

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