Monday, June 11, 2007

The workflow failed to start due to an internal error in sharepoint 2007.

This error is due to the workflow features messed up in the site/site collection level.
WF will be messed up due to various reasons, lets walk through the reasons and fixes.

I personally experienced this error, while trying to instantiate a saved template(.stp) at the site collection level (STSADM -o addtemplate).
The Site colelction from where I created the source.stp was never activated with the workflow features. Now, when I added this site collection template while creating the site collection(destination site collection) from the SCA, This destination site collection was still provisioning to the source template's features. Thus caused the error.

The other reason is due to the 'collaboration' template. When you select 'collaboration' template and try to go for the workflows you get the above error. Coz, by default, publishing through the collaboration template is prohibited.

Other reason is the security restrictions on the Infopath Form. To fix this follow the 5th point in the fix.

  1. First of all see whether the supported workflow features( Office SharePoint Server Standard Site features - and - Routing workflow features ) are activated in the site collection level or nor.
  2. In the destination site, where the error caused, De activate the workflow related features and re activate. (Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Site Collection Features)
  3. If you can not see the workflow features in the site collection/site level, these fatures might have got scope = "farm". and Hidden = 'True'. If so, then delete the workflow eatures and add them from the STSADM command.
  4. Once you are done with the above steps, remove the workflow from the list/lib and configure it again to start over.
  5. Still no luck, time to re install the Windows Workflow foundation.
    Lodctr c:\Windows\Microsoft.Net\Framework\v3.0\Windows WorkflowFoundation\perfcounters.ini

    The reason for above WF reload is, some times the WF will be bugged while rebuilding the performance counters on the Sharepoint Server.
  6. In the case of infopath forms, increase the trust level to 'Full Trust'.

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