Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Links webpart display on a page

If you want to display 'My Links' webpart on any sharepoint page, there are two ways to do.

1. My Links webpart with all the tool bar links:
  • Go to the webpart library ( Site Actions -> site settings -> galleries -> Web Parts )
  • New
  • Check for the 'Quick Links Micro view' webpart and 'Populate gallery)
  • Now, My Links web part is ready in the webpart browser.

2. My Links web part without any tool bars.

  • Go to the actual 'My Links' webpart available on the 'Profile' page.
  • context menu -> Export
  • Save the ".dwp" file on your local disk.
  • Go to the page, you wanna display the webpart -> Site Actions -> Edit Page -> Add webpart -> Import
  • Select the '.dwp' file that you just saved on the disk.

How to change the Title URL of the 'My Links' webpart

'My Links' webpart title is formed dynamically. Even though you change the URL from the properties/dwp file's detail link, page refresh will get the default My Links URL again.
Structure of the My Links title URL:
"Personal site provider URL"/_layouts/MyQuickLinks.aspx

So, if you wanna change the URL of the title, you need to change the "Personal site Provider URL", whcih can be set on the SSP settings page(Sharepoint Central Admin -> SSP -> My Site Settings -> Personal site provider)

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