Monday, April 21, 2008

The trial period for this product has expired errror while enabling the publishing feature


  • If you install MOSS 2007 on a Domain Controller, using publishing feature will give you the error: "The trial period for this product has expired."

You need to install this patch to fix the problem (link will start the download):

After instllaing patch, reset IIS and then run sharepoint wizard.

Some times, after entering the MOSS Enterprise key -> iisreset and even rebooted will give the adverse coz, when you setup a basic install, Central Admin app pool will run as Network Service instead of farm account. Network Service do not have the capabilities to license the product.

Fix: Change the app pool, right click and recycle the app pool.

Option 2:
  • Due to McAfee Antivirus. No Doubt, McAfee and Micosoft Sharepoint Server 2007 is a perfect combination. But some times, If you have installed McAfee antivirus, the auto update will prompt you to install some updates on the MOSS Box, like the McAfee poralshield update. This portal shield update is a Hotfix that is supposed to set the Sharepoint box with some extra security. Some times you endup installing this update in a failure or you may click 'cancel' on the update install accidentally . The McAfee Portal Shield will fail due to various reasons internally also. Because the installation of the hotfix failed, it tries to set the bug to invalidate the key.

Fix: Install the McAfee updates properly. If you can not install successfully, make sure that the perticular update is removed successfully :)