Tuesday, January 13, 2009

change anonymous access settings options disabled

Prob Definition:
Inorder to explain the prob definition, I will walk you through the entire Anonymous access settings froms the scratch.

While setting the Anonymous access to a document library,

  1. You set Anonymous access on the desired IIS website:
    IIS -> Websites -> double click on the desired Website -> Properties -> Directory Security -> check the anonymous access box
  2. You set the anonymous access on the web application level
    SCA -> Application management -> Application Security ->Authentication Providers -> Default -> Check the Anonymous access check box
  3. You set the Anonymous access on the site that you desire
    Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Advanced Permisions -> settings -> Anonymous access
  4. Now when you try to set the Anonymous access on a particular document library/list, you try to go to the document library, -> Settings -> Document library settings -> permissions for this document library -> Settings -> Anonymous access
    You get to see the available option disabled or grayed out.


Document library you are trying to set the anonymous access is configured to allow only read access on the doc lib.


Trick is with the Advanced settings.

Document library -> Settings -> Doc lib settings -> Adv settings -> Item-level Permissions -> Read Access -> All responses.

Note: Edit Access can be set any thing.
Show results can be set any thing

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