Thursday, February 26, 2009

SharePoint Performance

Follow the below things to improve your sharepoint performance

  1. Disable the debug mode by making the "debug" mode is "false" on all web applications
    Web application's web.config -> debug mode "false"
  2. Disable the debug mode at the machine.config.
  3. Have blob cache enabled at the web application's web config file.
    Web application's blob node should be some thing like this:
<BlobCache location=":\blobCache" path="\.(gifjpgpngcssjs)$" maxSize="10" max-age="86400" enabled="true"/>
This will enable the cache file. Al l the files are saved on each and every Web Front 's specified location. By specifying the cache time out , Browser will not rerequest them for about 86400 minutes.

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