Monday, March 16, 2009

insufficient memory to continue the execution of the program

While clicking on the 'Search settings' page, you get the following error:
'insufficient memory to continue the execution of the program'
  1. Perform the below steps on every WFE in the farm:
    net stop WSSTimerV3
    net start WSSTimerV3
  2. If you are not through the first step, kill the MS Search.exe on each WFE
    Task Manager -> Processes -> MSSearch.exe -> right click -> end the process
    (If you cant see the process in the list, check the 'show processes from all users')
  3. Try flushing the local mso config cache to avoid this error throwing often.


  1. Stopping and starting the Windows SharePoint Services Timer [service] directly from the Services list resolved the issue. The above net stop/net start did not resolve for "WSSTimerV3" so I just did it manually.