Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How to Set New Ringtones For Your iPhone

Apple charges you $2 per song in order to set it a song a ring tone.

Below is the procedure to add a song for free and legal. All that's involved is a little bit of tinkering. For those of us who use Windows and Mac as Operating Systems, it will work perfectly fine. Now, all you need to get started is an iPhone itunes software, and a PC that uses Mac or Windows as an operating system.

  1. Open the iTunes Player.
  2. Add the song from the hard disk (File -> Add File to Library) From the library -> music, select and pick the song that you want as a ring tone. If you wanna choose the part of the song, right click on the song, and select the option get info -> select the tab 'Options'. From there, just type the start time of the ring tone in the box right after start time. This should be in the format minute: second. For example, 3:34. Similarly, repeat the exercise for stop time as well.To make a ring tone of about 40 seconds is advisable. Clon the OK button. Now go to the song again and select the option that converts the current selected media into AAC format. This will take a few minutes. A duplicate version will be created. Now right click on the ring tone again and delete it. Next, click on the keep files button. Now, search the file that you just created. It will most probably be located in the iTunes folder. The file format would be .m4a. Now, from the Tools Folder Options, you need to change the file format from .m4a to .m4r.

A simple double click, when done slowly, would also do it though. Another method is to rename the file in case of Windows, and get info for those who use Mac OS. The system will automatically warn you about the change in the file format. You can choose to ignore that. Now, double-click on the newly created ring tone file. The iTunes player will add the particular media in the ring tones category in the iTunes library. Now, just connect the iPhone and sync that ring tone.

Not only does it save you a buck or two, it saves time and gives you your whole music collection to choose from!