Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sharepoint User Profiles And Properties - Access denied

Problem definition:

Even though you are the farm administrator, site collection admin for the ssp, you get access denied error, when you click on the 'User profiles and properties'.
Sharepoint Central Admin -> SharedServices1 -> User Profiles and My Sites -> User profiles and properties'


  1. Go to Personalization services permissions link located under the User Profiles and My Sites section on the shared services1 page.
    Sharepoint Central Admin -> SharedServices1 -> User Profiles and My Sites -> Personalization services permissions
  2. Add users/group. Add yourself with the manage user profiles permissions.
    If you are the admin then add the user who complained about the access.


  1. My problem is a little more unique than the above simple fix. What if you are in a situation where the personalization services permissions errors such as "An unhandled exception occured in the user interface. Exception Information Cannot complete this task." How do you begin to troubleshoot the above theres nothing in the Windows or ULS logs also the account thats beingused to access has proper permissions set

  2. Can you e-mail the screenshot. Also let me know after what event or which link throwed you this error.

    Earlier I faced some problems and fixed. Details:

    1. My Farm Search Service Account was not configured with the Personalization services permissions.

    Step1: Check the Farm Search Service Account, Central Administration -> Operations -> Services on Server -> Office SharePoint Server Search -> Configure Office SharePoint Server Search Service Settings

    Step2: Go to Central Administration -> Shared Services -> Personalization services permissions -> Manage Permissions: Shared Service Rights and add the account that you have in step1 with the manage user profiles and manage permissions.

    2. Configured the Farm Search Service Account without a domain name. Farm Search Service Account should be always DomainName\Username

  3. I gotta tell you, you saved my life. We have not been able to access the 'User profiles and properties' forever and of course this has caused us some issues. We can now access manage everything thanks to you. Thanks Lance